International Composition Contest Valentino Bucchi

The Valentino Bucchi Foundation and the Music for Roma Foundation
in collaboration with Universal Edition of Vienna Suona italiano Radio3 Rai
Announce the 37th edition of
The international Composition contest “Valentino Bucchi – Parco della Musica”

The contest is reserved for composers from all countries born after 1st january 1973.
We require original compositions for ensembles form a minimum of five to a maximum of six players, with entries no longer than 12 minutes.
 The instruments available for the selection of candidates are as follows:
 Flute (also Piccolo , Alto Flute , Bass Flute) – one player
 Oboe (also English Horn) – one player Harp

Pour d’autres renseignements:

Bucchi Composizione 2015 inglese (document pdf)