Korg MS-20 Mini


MS-20 mini / MS-20 Original Owner’s Manual

MS-20 mini / MS-20 Original Settings Examples

MS-20 mini / MS-20 Patch Book

MS-20 mini Owner’s Manual

MS-20 mini MIDI Implementation


Korg MS-20 Mini: The Legendary All-Analog MS-20, Reborn! (3:00)
Three part tutorial
Getting to know the Korg MS-20 Mini — Overview/Tutorial — Part 1 (5:59)
Korg MS-20 mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer (Part II — Envelope Generator) (3:43)
Korg MS-20 mini Monophonic Analog Synthesizer (Part III – Oscillators) (8:14)
Korg MS-20 Mini High Five (1:16)
Using the Mod Wheel and Momentary Button on MS-20 mini (3:30)
Adding a Band-Pass Filter to the Korg MS-20 Mini (1:14)
Hotwiring the Korg MS-20 mini (1:27)
Analog and Digital: Korg MS-20 Mini with Kaossilator Pro+ and KP3+ (3:06)

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