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La Fresque Arts Sonores de l’INA/GRM – ressources inépuisable de document audiovisuels de toute l’histoire de la musique électroacoustique à parcourir pas année sur une jolie « fresque » du temps…

Entretien avec François BAYLE : l’Acousmonium

Published on Oct 24, 2017

Entretien : Evelyne Gayou.
Traduction : David Vaughn
Réalisation : Jean-Baptiste Garcia

The Art of Sounds (2007) – Pierre Henry

Directors: Éric Darmon & Franck Mallet
Year: 2007
Time: 52 mins
Music: Pierre Henry

Veteran and co-inventor of Musique Concrète, Pierre Henry invites us for a short walk through his long career, his music, his concerts, his film-collaborations, and his home. An unique personality who fathered some of the most important developments in the music of the 20th century, remaining faithful to his vision and work till today.

English subtitles hardcoded.

Une introduction à la musique acousmatique

Un film réalisé dans le cadre de mémoire d’étude au conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris, sous la direction de Denis Dufour.

Eliane Radigue – IMA Portrait documentary

Eliane Radigue

Her life journey has been remarkable. At the end of the fifties, she studied in Paris with musique concrète pioneers Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, whom she also assisted, notably for the premiere of L’Apocalypse de Jean. During the sixties she began composing with primitive electronics (feedback and asynchronous tape loops), but found little recognition for her research in France.

In New York in the early seventies, she found understanding and emulation, exploring emerging minimalism with James Tenney, Charlemagne Palestine, Phillip Glass, John Gibson, and Steve Reich. Her absolute allegiance to electronic sounds began during this period. Since then she has composed on the best synthesizers of the time: Buchla, Moog, Serge, and then ARP, which would become her fetish instrument. She collaborated with Robert Ashley, who sang on Les Chants de Milarepa. She has composed about two dozen works, which she has presented and continues to present at numerous prestigious venues and festivals in the United States and Europe.

In 2004, upon Kasper Toeplitz´s request, she started instrumental compositions for one or more performers, with whom she works in a close collaboration during the compositional process. This work gets quickly focused on pure acoustic sounds, in an incredibly delicate timbral way, which extends, without aesthetic rupture, her electronic work. Notably between 2004 and 2009, she completed a cycle in three parts « Naldjorlak », for Charles Curtis on cello, Carol Robinson and Bruno Martinez on basset horns. She has now stopped her electronic work.

Emmanuel Holterbach (Translation Leslie Stuck)

Lecture 5 – [Part 1/3] Karlheinz Stockhausen – Four Criteria of Electronic Music (KONTAKTE), (1972)

Given at the Oxford Union on May 6th 1972.

The title of the work « refers both to contacts between instrumental and electronic sound groups and to contacts between self-sufficient, strongly characterized moments. In the case of four-channel loudspeaker reproduction, it also refers to contacts between various forms of spatial movement ».

Traité des Objets Musicaux

Pierre Schaeffer commente la parution du Traité des Objets musicaux dans l’émission Lectures pour tous. Les fondamentaux de l’expérimentation musicale.
Entretien, 01 janvier 1967

La naissance de la musique concrète et électro-acoustique

Pierre Schaeffer reproduit son expérience de découverte de la musique concrète. Le sillon fermé préfigure les technologies de l’échantillonnage.
Date de diffusion : 01 janvier 1971
Date d’événement : 1948
Personnalité(s) : Guy Reibel / Pierre Schaeffer / François Bayle

Conservatoire et Académie Supérieure de Strasbourg